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Medical Technology & Imaging

The medical technology sector ranks among the most innovative in Germany, and is largely to thank for the enormous strides currently being witnessed in medical science. Devices such as pacemakers, infusion pumps, dialysis and heart-lung machines, prostheses, implants and stents all make a substantial contribution to diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of injuries and illnesses. Imaging technology plays a crucial role in diagnostics, a distinction being made between methods that are free of ionizing radiation, such as ultrasound or MRI procedures, and those using ionizing radiation, such as X-ray or nuclear medical procedures. All have enormous commercial potential. The same goes for tissue engineering, an emerging technology that can be used to make artificial organs for organ transplants. Maiwald’s interdisciplinary teams of patent attorneys from diverse technical fields ensure that clients obtain optimum protection for their inventions in these pioneering fields.




Technical Experts

Dr. Wei Yao

European Patent Attorney Trainee

Technical Expert