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Measuring & Process Technology

There is hardly an industry today in which work processes are not electronically checked, monitored and automated with the aid of measuring technology. Moreover, increasing digitalization is opening up a whole range of new growth markets, from autonomous driving to smart energy, because reliable figures and analyses (often produced in real time) deliver exactly those valuable data that drive Industry 4.0 – and in fact even make it possible in the first place. Taken in conjunction with control and regulation technology, measuring technology has become ever more important for automation. Here, sensors play a key role as signal transmitters. Also in the field of process engineering, measuring technology is of central importance in terms of quality assurance. Maiwald’s patent attorneys work in interdisciplinary teams composed of physicists, engineers and chemists to obtain effective IP protection for new products and inventions in these fields. They advise and represent clients from manufacturing industries as well as suppliers of measuring devices, especially in the fields of optics and sensor systems.




Technical Experts

Dr. Wei Yao

European Patent Attorney Trainee

Technical Expert