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Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

The multi-facetted world of electrical and mechanical engineering is bringing forth a host of widely different innovations. The expertise of the physicists and the mechanical and electrical engineers at Maiwald covers a broad field, from automation and automotive technologies to aerospace, from material engineering to medical engineering to power technologies. When advising clients on patent-related matters, our teams apply their accumulated stock of expert knowledge in fields such as renewable energies, the application of new technologies in efficient manufacturing processes or the role of new materials and structures for use in lightweight construction. Where an invention straddles several fields, for example electrical and/or mechanical engineering and chemistry or pharmacy, our experts work closely with colleagues in the relevant field (medical technology, micromechanics, materials engineering, and process engineering, to name just a few) in order to find the best solution possible.




Technical Experts

Dr. Wei Yao

European Patent Attorney Trainee

Technical Expert