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Pharma & Biotech

The fact that people are now living longer presents the pharma and biotech industries with many challenges, ranging from the urgent need to develop new active substances to the provision of customized individualized therapy. We support our clients along the entire length of the supply chain ranging from research on new small molecules and antibodies, such as in cancer or diabetes research, as well as new vaccines and stem cell therapies through innovative concepts in the field of drug delivery and new therapeutic approaches, all the way up to personalized medicine and diagnostics. The strategies devised by our highly specialized and interdisciplinary team of patent attorneys span the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology and biology, helping companies to fully exploit the potential of their inventions. Our team’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of cutting-edge medical sciences, from new antibiotics, to CAR-T-cell therapy, to liquid biopsy diagnostics, to companion diagnostic tests or new algorithms for patient stratification.




Technical Experts