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Patent Attorney Trainee

Dr Felix Schröter

Patent Attorney Trainee

Technical Expert


Felix Schröter is a trainee patent attorney at Maiwald.  His work mainly concerns prosecution and enforcement of IP rights in the fields of chemistry and pharmaceuticals.  This includes drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the areas of inorganic chemistry and colloidal chemistry.

While working on his dissertation in the field of organometallic chemistry, Felix developed novel catalytic systems based on transition metals, and investigated their activity in cross-coupling and addition reactions. This work has resulted in a number of publications, reflecting his specialist knowledge in inorganic, organic and theoretical chemistry.

Since 2018
Trainee patent attorney at Maiwald

Since 2019
Studying law for patent attorneys at the University of Hagen
Doctoral degree in the field of organometallic chemistry from the TU Dresden
Master’s degree in chemistry from TU Dresden
Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from TU Dresden

  • Patent prosecution and portfolio management
  • Filing strategies and drafting patent applications
  • Opposition proceedings
  • Freedom-to-operate and validity analysis

  • German
  • English