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Displays & Light

Modern lighting systems are finding increasing application in smart phone displays, computer screens, televisions and motor vehicles. The new technologies are characterized not only by low energy consumption and longer lifetimes – a perfect example being the supplanting of incandescent light bulbs by LED bulbs – but also unfold their potential through higher resolution, more brilliant colors and improved contrast. This applies to screens based on liquid crystal device (LCD) or light-emitting diode (LED) technologies as well as to organic light-emitting diode-based displays (OLED). Especially the OLED technology (which because of its material properties is also suitable for use in flexible screens and large-area ambient lighting) opens up many interesting possibilities. We at Maiwald have a comprehensive overview of all these trends and technological developments in the areas of displays and lighting. Our interdisciplinary teams of patent attorneys can help clients to fully exploit the future potential of their inventions in this exciting technological field.




Technical Experts