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Communication & Information Technology

The digitalization of industry and society is proceeding at a breakneck speed. In a networked world where electronic aids are continually accumulating and exchanging information, powerful and reliable communication pathways are becoming ever more important. Data analysis, data processing and storage as well as data security play a decisive role in controlling and monitoring the huge amounts of data that are generated. Providers of intelligent devices and new technologies in the field of Big Data will make a decisive contribution to digitalization, from production processes to Industry 4.0. Comprehensive and reliable patent protection is an essential component of this process. Systems and applications in the field of artificial intelligence, which provide an enormous boost to the digitalization of society, also require the protection of intellectual property. Our experts are fully abreast of all the latest developments surrounding the digital revolution and can advise on how best to effectively protect, defend and enforce clients’ inventions and innovative technologies.




Technical Experts

Dr. Wei Yao

European Patent Attorney Trainee

Technical Expert