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Artificial Intelligence & Digitalization

For some time now, patent applications received by the European Patent Office concerning digital technologies have greatly outnumbered applications from other fields. Also on the rise worldwide is the number of patent applications related to the revolutionary Industry 4.0 technologies. Digitisation generally has for a long time assumed an important role in our everyday lives and is helping to usher in a new age of productivity. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is a key part of this digital transformation. The ongoing development of artificial intelligence is creating a fundamental change in the relationship between human beings and technology. However, the increasing sophistication of AI systems and the continuing autonomous development of artificial intelligence, which is already capable of making its “own” inventions, raises fundamental legal and ethical questions regarding the legal standing of AI. Protection of AI is currently a highly contested area of law, as the global distribution of hard- and software makes the copying and continuing development of AI innovations difficult to control. Maiwald’s cross-functional team of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law which includes specialists in digital technologies and artificial intelligence offers comprehensive support in protecting your innovations.




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