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Handelsblatt Best Lawyers: Germany’s Best Lawyers 2023

The US publisher Best Lawyers has identified Germany’s best lawyers and commercial law firms for the year 2023 exclusively for Handelsblatt. The Best Lawyers ranking was published in the Handelsblatt Special – “The Best Lawyers of 2023″.

The current edition in the Handelsblatt is based on the 15th edition of the Best Lawyers ranking. In the procedure, business lawyers are asked which competitors they can particularly recommend. The selection procedure follows the conviction that lawyers themselves are most able to judge which colleagues are especially qualified for certain areas of law. Attorneys can be nominated by anyone except themselves. This results in comprehensive overviews of the “Law Firms of the Year 2023” and the “Best Lawyers of the Year 2023”. Lawyers with a currently outstanding position within the market can be found among the “Lawyers of the Year 2023”.

The list of the 15 best Maiwald lawyers in Germany 2023 includes:

Read the full article (in german language) here (Maiwald ranking can be found under “Gesamtübersicht Deutschland” and the tab “Beste Anwälte”).