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The Legal 500 Deutschland 2023

In total, 25 lawyers are mentioned by name in the Legal 500 Germany commentary for their outstanding contribution to their respective practices. The firm continues to be named among the leading firms for application and office actions. Maiwald “impresses above all with a successful opposition practice before the European Patent Office, many years of litigation experience in nullity and infringement proceedings, which are often conducted jointly with the firm’s own attorneys, and the firm’s sector specialization. The firm is particularly experienced in life sciences and pharmaceuticals, but has also established a reputation in mechanical and electrical engineering and computer-based inventions, as evidenced by its steadily growing clientele in these fields. The firm is also expanding its advisory services on artificial intelligence and “digitalization”.

“Maiwald Intellectual Property is particularly impressive in contentious proceedings due to its many years of experience in opposition proceedings before the EPO and subsequent appeal proceedings, in which the team, headquartered in Munich, has already achieved landmark decisions on several occasions. The sector focus in the forensic practice is on life sciences and the pharmaceutical sector, in particular biotechnology and medical devices, where, in addition to the EPO practice, the firm is also active in nullity proceedings and accompanying infringement proceedings that are often conducted on a cross-border basis. In addition to the powerful team specializing in contentious proceedings, the firm also offers a broad-based filing practice, in which the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and artificial intelligence are worth mentioning alongside the strong life sciences expertise there.”

… “under the leadership of Marco Stief,” Maiwald “has established a very good reputation, particularly in infringement proceedings in the pharma and life sciences sector. In 2020, the firm made headlines with the representation of Mylan by counsel Heike Röder-Hitschke and patent attorney Derk Vos in the proceedings against Gilead concerning the drug Truvada. Other areas of advice included mechanical engineering and the automotive sector. Clients also benefit from the expertise of the firm’s in-house patent attorneys.”

‘Maiwald is very well focused on our industry and key topics, so that even larger work assignments are completed quickly and very well.’ In particular, Maiwald is distinguished, in addition to its legal expertise, by its particularly good knowledge of the industry as well as (where necessary) technical expertise. You notice in every project that all the lawyers have been working in the life sciences sector for decades.’

Recommended attorneys:

Alexander Ortlieb, Dr. Alexander Schmitz, Dr. Andreas Ledl, Angela Zumstein, Dr. Annelie Wünsche, Dr. Christian Pioch, Dr. Christian SchäfleinDr. Dirk Bühler, Dr. Derk Vos, Dr. Eva DörnerDr. Eva Ehlich, Lutz KietzmannDr. Martin Huenges, Dr. Naho Fujimoto, Dr.-Ing. Sophie Ertl, Stefan Bianchin, Dr. Marco StiefHeike Röder-HitschkeDr. Ulrike Herr, Dr. Stefanie Parchmann.


‘Well organized, competent advice, good level of detail.’

‘Strong team that covers all areas important to us at partner level and also takes focused action on relevant issues. Resource-saving approach, focused on the solution and not on the problem, together with the combination of IP law and patent law make cooperation very easy for us. The exchange with other in-house departments works smoothly.’

‘The focus is on very good practical legal advice with pragmatic approaches to solutions and recommendations for action. There are not simply, as by one or the other other law firm, long legal-theoretical expert opinions prepared for no reason, without a clear result or recommendation for action.’

‘We can no longer imagine working without Andreas Ledl and Eva Dörner. Andreas Ledl’s level-headed manner and his focus on picking up everyone sitting at the table and presenting problems in an abstract way is unparalleled. Eva Dörner’s chemical expertise can undoubtedly keep up with our in-house chemists, while in negotiations with patent attorneys she is always one step ahead of the other side. Both leave any ego aside and always have the best possible result for their client in mind. I haven’t often experienced that in this form.’

‘With Marco Stief, you notice that he simply knows the industry through and through. In addition to excellent legal knowledge, he has a quick technical understanding of our very different products. However, what is crucial for us is that he always keeps an eye on the long-term consequences and knows the market as well as adjacent legal areas very well. This also enables him to develop creative solutions and discuss approaches and strategies directly at management level.’

‘Maiwald is very well focused on our industry and main topics, so that even larger work assignments are completed quickly and very well. In particular, Maiwald is distinguished not only by his legal expertise, but also by his particularly good knowledge of the industry and (where necessary) technical expertise. You notice in every project that all the lawyers have been working in the life sciences sector for decades.’

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