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Vertragshandbuch Pharma und Life Sciences, C.H.BECK, 2., erw. Auflage – 2021 (gemeinsam hrsg. mit Boris Bromm)

by Dr Marco Stief and Boris Bromm

The current manual offers a comprehensive collection of annotated contract models for all common regulatory areas, arranged according to the life cycle of a product from development through clinical testing and approval to production, marketing and licensing. The areas of compliance, data protection and antitrust law as well as special features of Swiss law to be observed are each presented in separate chapters. (2nd, expanded edition. 2021, available in the Beck Shop).

In his recently published review of the 2nd edition of the Pharma and Life Sciences Contract Handbook, eminent Professor Dr Wolfgang Voit, Philipps University Marburg, spokesman for that university’s research department for pharmaceutical law, winner of the German Pharma Law Prize and member of the expert commission of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, praises the concept and presentation of the handbook as “very reader-friendly” and “very well done“. He reserves special praise for the fine selection of authors, all highly renowned experts, concluding with the observation that “this handbook is a must, if your work involves drafting contracts in the pharmaceutical or life sciences sector.To the first review (Text in German), To the second review (Text in German)

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