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Maiwald congratulates on passing the exam

We would like to congratulate Dr Matthias Hoffmann and Dr Laura-Nadine Schumacher on passing the German patent attorney examination.

At Maiwald, Dr Matthias Hoffmann covers all aspects of patent prosecution in the fields of pharmaceuticals and chemistry.

Dr Laura-Nadine Schumacher deals mainly with intellectual property protection in the fields of biotechnology, biochemistry and pharmaceuticals. Through her research experience in various laboratories in Germany and the United Kingdom, Laura is particularly knowledgeable in the areas of stem cells research, gene therapy, genome engineering and molecular biology.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that our colleague Monika Hofmann has successfully passed the European patent attorney examination. Congratulations.

In order to optimise medical machines and protect the corresponding invention rights, Monika Hofmann dedicated herself to intellectual property law and invests her industrial experience in the professional support of her clientele.

Thank you for your dedication and outstanding achievements at Maiwald! We look forward to a continued successful collaboration.

Dr. Matthias Hoffmann


German Patent Attorney

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Laura-Nadine Schuhmacher


German Patent Attorney

M.Sc. Molecular Biosciences

Monika Hofmann


German Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney

M.Sc. Biomedical Technology