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EPA: Videoconferencing at the EPO – Springboard Into a Digital Age

“The question of which communication channels people trust more in the case of inconsistent messages was investigated in a number of studies conducted by the Iranian-American psychologist Albert Mehrabian. His formula, repeatedly replicated, according to which 7% of people trust the spoken word, 38% trust vocal expression and 55% trust body language, demonstrates the importance of non-verbal communication channels that are often lost in virtual settings.” (1)

The Enlarged Board of Appeal of the EPO will soon decide on an interesting question: may oral proceedings before the EPO in principle be conducted by videoconference, even against the will of the parties?

Please find the full version of the article here


1. Grenzen der Online-Kommunikation, Sebastian Kunert,, 2020, downloaded on 12.04.21

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