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Onlineseminar: Intellectual Property in Corporate Financing and Collateralisation of Loans

9 Jun 2020

In cooperation with PATEV Associates GmbH, Maiwald presented a onlineseminar for the first time on June 9, 2020. The title of the event was “Intellectual Property in Corporate Financing and Collateralisation of Loans”, which was aimed particularly at entrepreneurs and managers from the financial sector or research and development.

Innovative companies own intellectual property (patents, trademarks, know-how and more). But often the value of intellectual property is underestimated. Valuable trademarks and patents make a very important contribution to the value of the company: depending on the industry, the value is between 30% and 80%.

Therefore, intellectual property is a central good and, as an implicit reserve, an essential part of the company value. At the same time, intellectual property rights are playing an increasingly important role in mortgage financing (e.g. when financing needs exceed actual mortgages or when liquidity shortages have to be balanced). Of particular interest to practitioners is how the granting of security affects the use of intellectual property: What restrictions does this impose on the company providing the collateral?

We are pleased about the numerous, interested participants and the skilled presentation of our experts, who were able to present important strategic impulses in a practical and entertaining way and to show the audience existing approaches to solutions. Although our usual Maiwald get-together in the virtual environment was unfortunately absent, there was still an opportunity for questions to the speakers after the presentations.

We thank all participants for their interest in our offer. For further questions and information about the onlineseminar, please contact our speakers Elke Wurster and Dr. Marco Stief.

If you have not already done so, please download the presentation documents here (only available in German).

We hope to welcome you to onlineseminares and other Maiwald events in the future!