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Maiwald at LucaNet World 2018

In its constant striving to makes its internal workflows and processes even better, Maiwald is eager to grasp all the opportunities offered by rapidly advancing digitalization. As part of this ongoing effort, in the summer of 2017 the firm introduced the LucaNet business planning software. After a painstaking selection process, the commercial team headed by Dr Ralf Höcherl decided on the LucaNet software, and their expectations were not disappointed. The software is based on an excellent basic concept, is user-friendly and intuitive in usage and is highly adaptable to both upstream and downstream IT systems.

With the help of the LucaNet technical consultant, the software was up and running in only eight weeks, and since June of this year has been an integral management tool. Since then numerous new features have been introduced, even enabling our system to function as a template for other users. At the LucaNet World 2018 held in Berlin on 22 November 2018, the LucaNet consultant Sercan Aras and Dr Ralf Höcherl from Maiwald presented the system to professional users from the fields of finance and controlling. The annual LucaNet user conference took place this year under the motto And the journey continues …. We at Maiwald are also setting our compass in the direction of ever better know-how, optimum service to our clients and state-of-the-art internal workflows and processes.

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