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International IP Trends

Are we ready for unitary patent procedures?

As part of the International IP Trends event held at the end of January at the Technical University of Munich in cooperation with our colleagues from Clarke, Modet & Co. and moderated by Clara Pombo and Maiwald partner Dr Norbert Hansen, a number of IP experts discussed some issues of topical interest as well as global trends in the realm of industrial property rights and their implications for the patent world.

The event opened with a talk by a representative of the European Patent Office on patent prosecution highway (PPH) procedures. Later talks from professional representatives from Latin America, China and the USA, which covered the principal trends in global developments in today’s patent system, were met with great interest on the part of the participants. The final speaker, Maiwald partner Dr-Ing. Sophie Ertl, spoke on new perceptions into the Unitary Patent Court (UPC) in the light of the current Brexit situation.

We were delighted that so many of the participants were able to join us afterwards for a friendly get-together and cocktails to round off the day. We look forward to a repeat of a similar event in the near future.

You can find additional information on the event here.