Your first choice for the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court

Various registered UPC representatives
Support with strategic decisions to be made
Dedicated "UPC task force"
Broad experience with Unitary Patent protection and opt-outs
Client Seminars and regular updates on the UPC system

Your first choice for the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court

Client Seminars and regular updates on the UPC system
Various registered UPC representatives
Maiwald is partner of the international UPCLA network
Support with strategic decisions to be made
Tailored teams to handle client-specific UPC matters
Dedicated "UPC task force"
Broad experience with Unitary Patent protection and opt-outs








  • 这意味着在右侧标蓝色的国家中只有EP专利可用,而对于标绿色的参与欧盟成员国,可以在统一专利或EP专利之间进行选择
  • 申请人必须做出决定,是将EP专利申请作为EP专利自动授予,还是需要提交统一效力请求,以便在绿色标注的国家获得统一专利,在其他国家(蓝色标注)获得EP专利。

Unitary Patent Cost Simulator


The UP cost simulator allows you to compare the development of the maintenance costs of a granted European Patent based on validation strategies involving the Unitary Patent or not and including current current annuity fees.

Patent characteristics, planned lifetime and territorial coverage are taken into account and may be adjusted individually.  Please note that the territorial scope of the UP may change over time, as well as official fees (taxes) and accordingly may vary from that provided in the Unitary Patent Simulator.  The information provided by the simulator is thus only for providing a rough overview and it is recommended to seek for professional advice.  Please consult our experts at upc@maiwald.eu for any questions, or your Maiwald attorney.  Maiwald will provide you with independent professional advice to find the best solution meeting you individual needs.


  • 统一专利法院同时处理所有参与的欧盟成员国的专利侵权或撤销事宜。除了目前的各国家法院处理各自国家的专利侵权和撤销事宜之外,统一专利法院也会参与处理。
  • 申请人必须做出决定,统一专利法院是否应自动对其所有已授予的EP专利和所有未决的EP专利申请进行管辖,或者是否应提交退出请求,以便各国家法院仍然有权对各自国家的侵权和撤销分别进行管辖。


  • 这一决定也可以根据不同的效力而做出:如果统一专利法院具有管辖权,将对所有国家的侵权或撤销进行一次性裁决。这种在所有国家具有统一效力的侵权裁决对申请人而言会是一个巨大的胜利,而在所有国家具有统一效力的撤销裁决对申请人而言会是一个巨大的损失。
  • 如果提出选择退出的请求,各国家法院仍对各自国家具有管辖权。这意味着单个国家的侵权裁决并没有那么强大,而单个国家的撤销裁决也并没有那么危险。申请人可能只会为非常强大的专利选择统一专利法院,这意味着申请人排除了统一专利法院对所有其他专利申请和专利的管辖权。
  • 是选择统一专利法院的自动管辖权,还是选择各国家法院的管辖权,这个决定还可以根据不同的诉讼费用而做出。
    • 如果一个诉讼计划或预计在一个或两个国家进行,各国家法院的费用就比较低。
    • 如果计划或预计在三个或更多的国家提起诉讼,统一专利法院的费用就比较低。
  • 这个决定也可以基于一个事实,即选择退出是可逆的。在 “退出 “之后,”加入 “是可能的。然而,第二次选择退出是不可能的。

>> UPC讲义

Maiwald is pleased to be a member of the UPCLA network

What is the UPCLA network?

The UPCLA network, created in 2014, is a non-exclusive network of European lawyers and patent attorneys firms, all recognized for the excellence of their intellectual property practice by international rankings. The purpose of the UPCLA network is to plan and coordinate panEuropean patent litigation (as well as in the whole field of intellectual property in general), pending the advent of the Unified Patent Jurisdiction.

What are the reasons to choose the UPCLA network?


The UPCLA is a European network gathering:

  • At least one Lawyer (litigator) and at least one European Patent Attorney by local/regional division
  • Reputed for their practice (in international rankings)
  • Covering all technical fields

Simplicity & Flexibility

A single point of contact:

  • The member who is in contact with the client or the foreign associate is the coordinator for the case
  • Reduced administrative burden for the client or foreign associate
  • Local members able to represent or provide advice before their local Division (for forum shopping consultation, case management hearings, enforcement…)


All members are independent:

  • Fewer conflicts of interest: if one is conflicted, another member may replace him

Inside knowledge

  • Members actively follow and contribute to the UPC, ensuring we have the best knowledge of the UPC law.

Find out more on the UPCLA network: upcla

Maiwald UPC Videos

Maiwald UPC videos is a comprehensive series of videos dedicated to the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court, providing you with insights on how to prepare for the new patent and the new court system. We will also provide you with strategies and roadmaps when being faced with the decisions whether a Unitary Patent or a classic EP patent may be the best option and whether the Unified Patent Court or an opt out to the national courts may be the best option.

Preparation for the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court

In this video Dr-Ing. Sophie Ertl (Partner at Maiwald) gives you an overview on the new system and some guidelines on how to decide between the different options.

To the video

Translation requirements, early request for unitary effect and request for delay in issuing the decision to grant

In this video Dr Tobias Philipp (Patent Attorney at Maiwald) discusses translation requirements, the early request for unitary effect and the request for delay in issuing the decision to grant a European patent.

To the video

The Unified Patent Court. Structure and Jurisdiction.

In this video Heike Röder-Hitschke (Counsel at Maiwald) will make you more familiar with the unitary patent court, its organizational structure, jurisdiction and procedures, summarizing the basic information in order to prepare you for the next step – the decision to opt out or to stay in and make use of the new court system.

To the video


Dr Ulrike Herr (Partner at Maiwald) explains the meaning of opting-out. Specifically, the focus is on effects and limitations of opting-out, as well as on opting-out strategies. The video will also provide a to-do-list to start with preparations for opting out.

To the video

UPC Podcast

UPC Blog


  • 例如,该决定可以根据专利的不同效力而做出:对于统一专利而言,侵权或撤销将在统一专利法院对所有国家进行一次性裁决。例如,一个在所有国家具有统一效力的正面的侵权裁决对申请人而言会是一个巨大的胜利,而一个在所有国家具有统一效力的撤销裁决对申请人而言会是一个巨大的损失,因为申请人在所有国家同时失去了其专利。申请人可能只对非常强大的专利选择统一专利
  • 有关选择EP专利还是选择统一专利的决定还可以根据不同的年度费用而做出。 
    • 如果EP专利是要在三个或以下的国家进行验证,EP专利费用会更便宜
    • 如果EP专利要在四个或以上的国家进行验证,统一专利费用会更便宜

  • 如果申请人决定申请EP专利,则无需做任何事情。如果申请人决定申请统一专利,则需要提交统一效力的请求。如果您想要获得统一专利,请将您的所有未决EP专利申请告知我们
  • 如果申请人决定选择统一专利,但专利授予可能发生在统一专利可用之前,延迟专利授权和/或提前请求统一效力是可能的

  • 如果申请人决定由统一专利法院进行管辖,则无需做任何事情
  • 如果申请人决定由各国家法院行使管辖权,则需要提交选择退出请求
  • 请让我们知道您的所有EP专利申请和EP专利,您更喜欢哪个法院系统。对于申请人决定选择退出的情况,应在统一专利法院启动前不久的抢注阶段开始时尽快提交请求
  • 为当统一专利法院的诉讼已经启动时,将不能选择退出







  1. 欧洲专利申请的申请人可以提出延迟授予欧洲专利的申请,以便以后仍然能够申请单一专利。有效提交申请的情形为:
    • 欧洲专利局已根据《欧洲专利公约》第71(3)条款之规定发出授予意向,且
    • 申请人尚同意拟授予的文本。
  2. 欧洲专利申请的申请人在收到《欧洲专利公约》第71(3)条款规定的授予意向后,可以提前提交有关统一效力的申请,以便在《统一专利法院协议》启用时立即注册单一专利。有效提交申请的情形为:
    • 欧洲专利局已根据《欧洲专利公约》第 71(3) 条款之规定发出授予意向,且
    • 申请人尚同意拟授予的文本。
  3. 传统欧洲专利的所有人可以申请选择退出(Opt-out)(见下文)。选择退出的结果是统一专利法院对与该专利有关的侵权或无效诉讼不具有管辖权。国家法院则再次具有管辖权。选择退出申请须向位于卢森堡的统一专利法院办事处提交,且在抢注期内即可提出,这一做法的优点是申请将在《统一专利法院协议》启用时立即生效。

目前已有24个欧盟成员国签署《统一专利法院协议》。登记统一效力的同时,所在欧盟成员国还须签署《统一专利法院协议》批准, 如此才能为单一专利所覆盖。目前已有17个欧盟成员国签署批准《统一专利法院协议》。













单一专利的优点 单一专利的缺点
只需向欧洲专利局(EPA)提交一次登记统一效力的申请,无需缴纳官方费用 只能对加入的所有欧盟成员国同时维持或撤销。
过渡期结束后,翻译费用可能减少 由于欧洲专利通常只在伦敦协议缔约国认证,过渡期内的翻译费用可能更高。
如果欧洲专利在4个或更多欧盟成员国认证,则年费相对较低 如果欧洲专利在3个或更少欧盟成员国认证,则年费相对较高
至少覆盖17个加入的欧盟成员国。 不覆盖所有《欧洲专利公约》成员国

– 欧洲专利须和此前一样在不采用单一专利体系的国家进行认证。

单一专利属于统一专利法院的管辖范围,允许在目前加入的所有17个欧盟成员国以单次诉讼的形式得到执行。 单一专利不能通过选择退出而脱离统一专利法院的管辖。在目前所有17个欧盟成员国,单次诉讼即可宣告无效。

单一专利体系启用后,单一专利将自动归属统一专利法院管辖。此外,传统欧洲专利和SPC(Supplementary Protection Certificates,补充保护证书)也将进入统一专利法院的管辖范围,专利权所有人“选择退出”传统欧洲专利和/或SPC的情况除外。选择退出意味着传统欧洲专利/SPC在其整个生命周期内脱离统一专利法院的管辖,由国家法院保留管辖权。单一专利则能选择退出




专利权所有人:具有重要经济意义的专利脱离统一专利法院的管辖范围 专利权所有人:以相对不重要的专利检验统一专利法院
专利权所有人:防止单次诉讼导致欧洲专利在目前17个欧盟成员国宣告无效,即使《欧洲专利公约》申诉期结束后也一样如此 专利权所有人:通过单次诉讼使欧洲专利在目前17个欧盟成员国得到执行
专利权所有人:如果只计划在一个或两个欧盟成员国进行侵权诉讼,则诉讼费用较低。 专利权所有人:如果计划在三个或更多欧盟成员国进行侵权诉讼,则诉讼费用更高。
专利权所有人:延迟欧洲专利的无效 专利权所有人:加速强稳定性专利的执行
专利权所有人/侵权人:各国法院已有判例,司法判决可预见 专利权所有人:涉及价值较高,赔偿金额较大


  • 抢注期在数月后即将开始。
  • 您需要时间审现有的欧洲专利,并决定哪些专利应该选择退出,以脱离新设法院的管辖。这包括检查在欧洲和国家专利登记处的所有权登记状况。
  • 您需要时间,以提出可能的权利转让申请, 用以更新欧洲和国家专利登记册或获取所有权声明。
  • 您需要时间与专利权共有人讨论选择退出意向。


Document library


Legal texts
Here you will find legal principles, legal texts and binding forms in English and (where available) in German.

Unitary Patent: European Patent Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 1257/2012)
Language Regulation (EU) No 1260/2012)
Implementing Regulations for the Unitary Patent Protection
Fee schedule for unitary patent protection
Court statute (Appendix 1)
Rules of Procedure (consolidated version, in force since 01.09.2022)
Table of Court Fees

Unitary Patent
Here you will find the information issued by the EPO on the unitary patent.

EPO Unitary Patent Guide

Unified Patent Court
Here you will find essential information on the UPC as well as information on opting out.

UPC website: www.unified-patent-court.org
EPO website: Unified Patent Court

Court fees and recoverable costs


如果您有任何关于统一专利系统的问题,请随时联系我们的UPC任务组: upc@maiwald.eu