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Dr James Neuhaus

Technical Expert


James Neuhaus is a trainee patent attorney at Maiwald. He specialises in industrial property rights in the areas of pharmaceutical and polymer technology, chemistry and chemical engineering, and draws on his in-depth chemistry expertise when drafting international and European patent applications.

His doctoral research focussed on the study of transition-metal-catalysed processes, in particular the development of rhodium-catalysed hydroacylation. His postdoctoral research was primarily concerned with the utilization of sulfonium and sulfoxonium ylides in transition-metal-catalysed reactions. In addition to co-authoring numerous scientific articles and book chapters, he has gained considerable experience through presenting novel research findings at international scientific conferences in the UK, Spain, Austria and Hungary.

Since 2018
Technical Expert at Maiwald
Postdoc at the University of Vienna

Since 2019
Studying law for patent attorneys at the University of Hagen
Doctoral degree in organic chemistry from the University of Oxford
Master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford

  • Patent prosecution and portfolio management
  • Filing strategies and drafting patent applications
  • Freedom-to-operate and validity analysis
  • Opposition proceedings

  • Scholarship of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

  • English
  • German