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JUVE Handbook 2022/2023: Co-publishing article on the topic of “Die Äquivalenz in der Patentverletzung: Neue Rechtsprechung”

In the current edition of the JUVE Handbook for Commercial Law Firms 2022/2023 published in October 2022 Dr Marco Stief, Heike Röder-Hitschke and Dr Christian Meyer have written a co-publishing article on the subject of “Die Äquivalenz in der Patentverletzung: Neue Rechtsprechung”. This deals with the question of whether and under what circumstances quivalents technical solutions are covered by the scope of protection of a patent. The fact that this question is only dealt with at the infringement level is based on the understanding that neither the applicant nor the patent offices as granting authorities are in a position to exhaustively cover the numerous possibilities of the concrete technical embodiment of a claimed teaching for technical action in the wording of the patent claim.

To the PDF version of the Co-publishing article (source: JUVE Handbuch für Wirtschaftskanzleien 2022/2023)

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Dr Marco Stief
Heike Röder-Hitschke
Dr Christian Meyer