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New Block Exemption Regulation for Vertical Agreements – The Main Changes

On May 10, the new Block Exemption Regulation for Vertical Agreements ...

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Patents: New principles in preliminary injunction proceedings

Yesterday, Thursday 28 April 2022, the CJEU delivered its decision in the preliminary ruling case

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German Act against Unfair Competition (amended) – E-mail advertising and forum shopping

In an unusually open clash between the Regional Court and the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf regarding the interpretation of the exception in Section 14 (2) sentence 3 n...

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EU Commission -Consultations on compulsory licensing and a revision of the framework for Standard Essential Patents

Part 1- Compulsory Licensing Intellectual Property rights continue to have priority for the EU Commission...

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Free Offers of Medical Products – No Violation of the Prohibition on Promotional Gifts Under Section 7(1) Hwg When the Purchase Price Is Reimbursed in Full

In the case at issue, the plaintiff, based on Sections 8, 3, 3a of the German Law Against Unfair Competition (UWG) in conjunction with Section 7(1) Nr. 1 of the German...

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No Likelihood of Confusion Despite Gnashing of Teeth

In another decision, the German Federal Patent Court has sharpened the requirements for the assumption of similarity of signs if the signs only match in descriptive elements (...

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