IP Workshop: Practical Workshop on IP Strategy

Maiwald and Patev jointly extend this invitation to the event "IP Workshop: Practical Workshop on IP Strategy," which is being held on 16 July 2019 at Allianz Arena.

The upcoming event will address the challenges of digitization and artificial intelligence as well as business-based IP management – the 7 steps to a new IP strategy.

In innovative companies, patent work has long since become an interactive component of operational development work. Farther-reaching changes are happening right now as a result of ongoing digitization. This requires companies to strategically position themselves early on in the field of data processing and artificial intelligence.

In partnership with market-leading companies, we have developed a new 7-stage concept for the development and implementation of a robust IP strategy for the collaboration of innovation management/strategic planning and IP management within an enterprise. Strategic elements such as customer benefit and competitive differentiation are the focus. We look forward to introducing you to this 7-step concept as part of the new "IP Workshop" event format and to discussing it in detail in a rather small circle.

If we have aroused your interest, we look forward to your registration for an entertaining and valuable afternoon.

The invitation to the event as well as registration details can be found here.