Royalty Pharma acquires Royalty interest in Gavreto from Blueprint medicines for up to $340 Million

Attractive, precision oncology therapy with long patent duration added to portfolioBlueprint Medicines to receive $175 million upfront and $165 million in potential milestone payments

Bayer withdraws second PI in Nexavar battle against generic drug manufacturers

Stada, Zentiva and four other generic drug companies can launch their generic products after Bayer withdrew its second application for a preliminary injunction to protect its cancer drug, Nexavar. But the companies could still face a costly damages claim if the court ultimat...

Proxygen announces strategic collaboration with
Merck to develop molecular glue degraders

Proxygen, a leader in the discovery and development of molecular glue degraders, announced today that the company has entered into a strategic multi-year research collaboration and license agreement with Merck. Proxygen is eligible to receive up to €495 million ($554 milli...