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Joint Seminar: Achieving European Collaborative Deterrence Strategy Against Non-practicing Entities

In our joint seminar of Maiwald and Unified Patents, we discussed what challenges patent litigation might face regarding the rising NPE activity in Europe and Germany and especially in the era of the upcoming UPC. More than 30 participants have attended the initially given short presentations and a subsequent dynamically conducted panel discussion moderated by Dr Simon Lud.

Shawn Ambwani COO and Co-Founder of Unified Patents provided intensive information on the goals of Unified Patents and about the nature of collaborative strategies against NPEs in general.

Dr-Ing. Sophie Ertl provided deductive reasoning for estimating any future risks of NPE patent litigation in the UPC system. Dr. Ralf Uhrich discussed remarkable statistical results on NPE Litigation in Europe. Peter Möldner precisely reflected the situation in the US from a perspective of a German multinational engineering and electronics company. Dr. Matthias Zigann clearly explained fundamental issues of the proceedings before the UPC to balance the interests of all involved.

The subsequent panel discussion offered practical information concerning current trends in NPE patent litigation and lessons learnt from successful US deterrence approaches. The chances of success of market-based solutions like Unified Patents to help deterring NPEs for the UPC were explored by the participants and by the panelists in mutual interaction.

The complete program downloadable as PDF