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IAM Connect: UPC 2022

30 Nov 2022

From November 30 to December 01, 2022, the event IAM Connect: UPC 2022 will take place via Zoom. At the event, the most important questions about the UPC will be clarified and it will be explained how to optimise your business or clients UPC strategy.

IAM Connect: UPC will allow leading in-house and private practice professionals from around the world to have in-depth discussions on the most important questions raised by the UPC and gain actionable insights into the new system.

On November 30 (15:50-16:50 UTC) Dr-Ing. Sophie Ertl and further experts will hold a Panel with the topic: “European portfolio management in the age of the unitary patent“. The UPC and unitary patent will pose major new questions for patent portfolio strategists. In this session, in-house experts will discuss:

  • How to maximise patent protection and portfolio value under the new system
  • The advantages and disadvantages of opting for unitary patent protection during the transitional period
  • How unitary patent protection can best work alongside national patents/European bundle patents

The full agenda can be found here.

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European portfolio management in the age of the unitary patent


30 Nov 2022