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Employee Invention Law and Compliance

In mid-November, another in the series of Maiwald seminars was held in our Munich offices. The issues that were dealt with concerned the law relating to employee inventions as well as current regulatory topics (compliance).

We would like to thank our guests for their attention, the keen interest shown in the topics as well as in our own firm. We were very pleased with the lively participation of the approximately 50 guests and especially with the positive feedback we received afterwards:

“Once again a very successful event providing a perfect balance between the legal and practical aspects as well as the opportunity to expand one’s network. Thank you very much!

“Many thanks for informative and interesting talks with practical relevance! The event offers a very good opportunity for direct exchange, and one learns concrete details from day-to-to business, something which is only achieved through personal contact.”

“The talks highlighted aspects of the law on employee inventions that are relevant in daily practice. They also provided an overview of case law and very interesting insights regarding implementation in business practice. A highly informative afternoon!”

Our experts started off with an overview of the most important aspects of employee invention law, from invention disclosure protocols to rights purchase and compensation schemes, while not forgetting enforcement of claims before the arbitration board or the ordinary courts, also in the context of Industry 4.0. All set against the background that legal requirements of the Employee Invention Act are frequently not sufficiently taken into account, even though breaches of the relevant provisions can lead to noticeable consequences on the employer side.

The compliance update covered the latest developments in this area, such as cybercrime, corporate criminal law and whistleblowing. We would like to thank all participants for the lively discussion on measures that are necessary in selected areas from a compliance perspective in order to minimize the risk of civil and criminal liability of managers and executive bodies.

Further information on the event and the complete program can be found here.