Rechtshandbuch Chemie-, Pharma- und Life-Science-Patente, C.H. Beck – 2023

Rechtshandbuch Chemie-, Pharma- und Life-Sciences-Patente is a comprehensive guide to the law on chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences patents, which Dr. Marco Stief co-authored with Maximilan Haedicke and Dr. Annelie Wünsche. The manual is both a work of reference and a roadmap to the complex world of chemical, pharmaceutical, and biological patents. It contains a clear and detailed analysis of German patent legislation as well as a concise and structured overview of case law. Also addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it sheds light on the courts’ thinking on compulsory licensing and the multitude of contemporary challenges facing – from an IP perspective – the chemical, biological and life science industries. Taking a methodical approach, the reference manual illuminates unique aspects of patent law, highlighting problem areas where general principles of patent law sometimes fail to offer tangible solutions. It elucidates cases relating to validity and infringement of patent claims, citing rulings from the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) and the German Higher Regional Courts (OLG).
As a systematic reference work, it gets to the very nub of the subject matter. An indispensable work of reference and with a deep understanding of contemporary jurisprudence on the subject, it enables practitioners to confidently navigate the complexities of chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical patent legislation.

Whether you’re a seasoned lawyer or pharmaceutical professional, or indeed are still new to the field, this book will be an invaluable aid to understanding principles and practice in this fascinating area of the law. Special thanks to Lisa Gahleitner, Friederike Lammert and Franziska Schmitz for their excellent contributions to this project. Your expertise and dedication were invaluable in bringing this comprehensive guide to completion.

We are delighted with the positive reviews of the handbook by Jan van Dieck in GRUR and by Peter von Czettritz in Pharma Recht issue 1/2024.

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Dr. Marco Stief



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Dr. Annelie Wünsche


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