Online Seminar: International Transfer Pricing & IP Risk Protection

Together with VSUD, PATEV, Ebner Stolz, Maiwald held an online seminar on ‘International Transfer Pricing & IP Risk Protection’ on June 15, 2021 from 10 AM to 11:30 AM. The seminar was held in German.

Know-how and intellectual property are in the centre of most business transactions today. The cross-border exchange of goods and services protected by patents or trademarks is subject to the rules of international transfer pricing. This also applies to affiliated companies.

Some specific regulations may apply, especially in terms of compliance (liability of the company management and the acting persons in case of incorrect tax returns).

Our seminar showed the relations between transfer pricing and IP risk protection and rose awareness of pitfalls in cross-border trade.



Tax law framework for transfer pricing

Christian Zimmermann, Tax consultant, specialist consultant for international tax law, Ebner Stolz

Risk of personal liability in the event of tax evasion - Importance of a tax compliance system

Elke WursterPartner and Attorney-at-Law, Cert. Compliance Officer (univ.), Maiwald

Patent-based transfer pricing & IP risk protection

Dr. Edelbert Häfele, Managing Director, PATEV Associates GmbH 

Christina Koller, PATEV Associates GmbH


Thank you for participating and we hope to welcome you soon again!