Law firm will in future operate as Maiwald GmbH

Munich, 11 October 2022 – Maiwald, one of Germany’s largest and most renowned law firms in the field of intellectual property, will in future operate under a new name: Effective October 11, 2022, Maiwald Patentanwaltsgesellschaft und Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH changed its name to Maiwald GmbH. The corresponding entry in the commercial register has already been made.

The change of name was prompted by new regulations passed by the legislature as part of the reform of the law governing the professions of patent attorney and attorney-at-law. Under the new regulations, patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law no longer have to state their professions as part of the company name.

“We are pleased that the new rules permit us to use the more concise name in future. The length of our previous company name was somewhat cumbersome in dealings with the outside world, especially in correspondence with our foreign business partners. Our new name Maiwald GmbH reflects very well our striving for succinctness”, said Ralf Höcherl, commercial manager at Maiwald.

Dr Ralf Höcherl

Business Director

Diploma in Business Administration

Business Support

Dr Eva Dörner


German Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney