Joint International Symposium on U.S. and European Patent Practice

18 June 2018, Tokyo, 
21 June 2018, Osaka

A look back:

Together with our American colleagues of the law firm Oblon, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, the law firm Maiwald welcomed around 100 participants in Tokyo and another around 40 participants in Osaka, to the first joint symposium on “U.S. and European Patent Practice” in Japan. The seminar covered three topics for each jurisdiction, USA and Europe, namely:

  • Specific aspects of application drafting
  • Inventive step analysis versus Obviousness
  • Post-grant proceedings before the USPTO/EPO

Current aspects of the IP practice were examined and similarities and differences between the U.S. and the European patent system were discussed. Especially the close coordination of the topics with our U.S. colleagues, aiming at clarifying similarities and differences between the two jurisdictions to the participants, was acknowledged by the attendees with a very positive feedback.

After the lectures, discussions took place in personal conversations with the participants of the symposium and further questions were considered during the subsequent reception. We thank all attendees for the numerous participation in the joint symposium and for the positive feedback we received regarding the lectures, the selection of topics covered and, last but not least, for the event itself.

Further information and the detailed program can be found here.