Externe Veranstaltungen

Maiwald auf der INTA in Singapur

Das 142. Annual Meeting der International Trademark Association (INTA) findet vom 25. bis 29. April 2020 in Singapur statt. Auch Maiwald wird durch seinen Partner Stephan Schneller vertreten sein. Er würde sich freuen, Sie auf der INTA zu treffen.

Weitere Informationen zum INTA Annual Meeting finden Sie hier.


Announcement about INTA’s 2020 Annual Meeting 

As you know, INTA has been continuously monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in relation to the Association’s 2020 Annual Meeting, April 25–29, in Singapore. The health and safety of Annual Meeting registrants is our main priority.

We are announcing today that we are working to reschedule INTA’s Annual Meeting in Singapore until 2022 (date in 2022 to be announced). 

In addition, we will be relocating the 2020 Annual Meeting to a date in May or June and a venue in the United States. We will provide an update as soon as we confirm details.