Practice Areas

IP Advisory – Innovation and Growth through value-oriented intellectual property (IP)

The digitalization of industry is developing apace while at the same time the competitive environment is changing rapidly. In the age of Industry 4.0, innovation plays a crucial role in creating profitable growth in the value-added chain. The potential offered by patents, trademarks and designs is however still frequently underestimated by the corporate world and the importance of acquiring, safeguarding – and when it comes down to it, defending – intellectual property rights is sometimes overlooked.

Have you not also not sometimes asked yourself which part your patents play in this scenario?

There are already numerous examples where customer benefits or value drivers can be identified in the value-added chain and the business model using analytical tools, and then derived from these in a further step, the technical features for the prototypes/innovations are distilled and converted into patent rights in the actual value drivers. These patent rights safeguard your market exclusivity and price premium to a considerably better degree than was hitherto the case.

Our advice and support for businesses range from the design phase to the technical development of new products right up to and including production and market launch. Along the way, we carefully evaluate each phase of product development, so as to best advise you on ways and means of optimizing and extending your edge over competitors.

At all times we have Industry 4.0 and digital transformation particularly in mind, so that in the area of intellectual property your business is optimally equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow's market. We pay particular attention to the interplay between different components – people and machines, hardware and software, data and communication, in order to protect not only the technical features of your products but also their respective interfaces.


Our services to clients in the area of IP Advisory are three-pronged:

  • Business competence
  • Technical Know-how in almost all sectors
  • Legal expertise on intellectual property protection and related fields (competition law, contract law, data protection law, etc.) 

We consider ourselves as a part of your team working on the common goal of meeting challenges and finding optimal solutions – the enhancement in value of your patent portfolio through market exclusivity and price premium is significant.